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Namaste to you! My name is Mula Samvit "Writer Name", I am 35 years old blogger, Father of 2 beautiful children and husband to my loving wife.

Some time ago, for a lake of better term, We woke up!...Life was not about, paying bills and dying!!! So Just like you, my wife and my self ask ourselves, What is life all about? Why are we here? What is our purpose? These very question shattered our belief system! You have to understand, I am or was, not sure how to explain it but been a factual man, even doe i don't have much institutionalize education, Never been much of a followerBut I am autodidact and well verse in many subject. I love to do research and learn, only not in school:) In my professional life I wore many hats From cowboy to oil rig worker or Aspiring Olympian Horseback rider to dog behaviourist and event from pizza delivery guy to computer tech & programmer and many many more. I have always valued myself in how i succeeded in my professional life, and yet it was never my professional who brought me any joy!!!! And by asking life big question, I stumble upon the Lies that we live in, the world I tough was real, factual was all lies, At first I was upset and today I see life in a hole new outlook .

And this is what this blog site is all about! Our Journey to spirituality. We will share with you our tough & experience with out any restraint. We are planing to travel the world and meet with our spiritual guide, visite some ecovillage, ashrame & yoga school...Any path life chose to send us on, We will be reporting to you our deepest inner though & experience.Hope you enjoy and feel free to connect with us and share your storys & though we can't wait to meet you



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